Halal nutrition

Between the interesting things that someone can find over internet is halal nutrition, people are getting more and more conscious about why eating healthy has become so important on a society seduced by fast food and quick meals, the food market hasbeen more inclusive by providing different products used by diversities religions, it´s necessary to adaptsupermarkets to the actual diversity on all the countries around the world, why? Because as an example, India doesn’t only has Buddhists or Sajism.

Foreign brought to the Indian country many years ago new products to the market as strategy to get more costumers, adapted they stores to make easier the transition of a new society and keep the custom to the majorities, religious diversity brings many different foods to the market, this is needed because many people doesn’t share the same religious beliefs and not offering diversity on markets wouldn’t be inclusive.

Many people want to have a healthier life and eating without many calories, cholesterol and sodium find halal food as a great option. Around the world, halal food is considered for the not Islamic costumers as neat and high standard menu and a great way to bring more humanity to actual society. People that belong to the Islam religion has a strict menu, they as many consider that the way of eating is a way to reverend god. Halal nutrition has denominated the menu for those who belong to the Islam religion, it consistsof eating healthy without violating the rules explained by the Koran and the Sunnah books. There are many prohibitions for the Islam at eating, like not consuming carrion, the blood drinking and pork is forbidden so these elements won’t be found on the halal menu, but to be honest who actually needs eating carrion and drinking blood?

The consume of pork is as you know not that good for the body it contains many calories and cholesterol, it is just not healthy, the alcohol drinking is alsoforbidden for Islam people, and ifwe think about it, not drinking alcohol brings many benefits.The treat before and after killing an animal is very specified too, this with the purpose to ensure a human treat to the animal. Many industries have adapted to this prohibitions, now Islam can go to McDonald’s or KFC and eat a special Halal burger or a pot full of fried chicken if this isn´t being inclusive I don´t know what could be then! People with different ideas should be included in society. Halal it´s a regulated lifestyle that covers all! The hygiene and Pharmaceutics products must be halal with animal based on products, all products with the halal seal on it must be inspected for the HalalInstitute, and theyensure all the products with the Halalseal on must be obtained with the halal traditions. This is great for the Muslim believers so they ensure everything is according to their lifestyle making everything more practical and easier to get because Muslim will not be doing research to ensure that a product follows all the halal rules if the halal seal is on it, this is something that Halal institute takes cares of.

Halal means “the allowed, the ethical” so this is more than a menu, this is respecting the animals life by giving them a more human treat, freedom and caring, even the animals death must be done with respect and speed with the purpose to avoid the suffering, this is strictly established on the Holy Islam books, Even the provider has many rules to follow, it is essential for the halal food that the provider follows Islamic traditions. The Islam religion is a strict way of living, food and faith goes together side by side

Many non-Muslim people are implementing their life halal food for all the benefits that it provides, not just nutritional but ethical, for example; if someone becomes vegan because they are against killing animals and knowing all that the animals pass through before being a piece of meat or  any different products on the market, all the pain that they feel living in a terrible conditions with nothing of respect and treated only as a merchandise with abuse, violence and far for being treated as animals, if all these facts affect someone to the point of not consuming anything animal based on or made of, for not collaborating with these huge market, a great way to consume products of animal origin again would be those with the halal seal on it because people will be sure that they are not buying anything that promotes animals suffering, besides this is a very complete diet.

Halal food provides a great nutrition by a list of meats that are good for health like fish that is always good for everybody, their food has less saturated fats as consequence better health. The halal meat has longer duration on the freezer compared with the common one, this shows the great quality of halal meat caused from the good alimentation of the animal and care that the Muslim gives to the animal. The animals destined to halal food are feed only with vegetables and have a great care because Muslim people think this is way to respect their god and it´s a rule given by the Koran, halal tradition isbased on animals feeding, how animals are raised and the preparation, a careful alimentation for the animals must be fed with vegetables, many animals from USA farms couldn´t be considered as halal because they even use animals parts to feed them. Everything must be natural, not treating the animals with hormones is essential for their natural growth and it´s also a rule named on the Koran.

Halal food has a great quality because people take care of all the process that all the products include, and this is not an easy way, it takes more time but it’s the right thing to do to get an incredible quality, the halal market is developing and every time more people are opting to a halal diet rich on protein and incredibly healthy, this is increasing in Spain and European Union countries with around 35 million of consumers, the halal institute has to provide manyauthorizations to supply all the demand, people are interestedin all the halal products because is synonymous with great quality.

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